Connoisseur hotel in South Tyrol

Wine, whisky, cigars - sensual flavour experiences at the connoisseur hotel in South Tyrol

You know those moments that are so exquisitely precious that you would like time to stand still and enjoy them forever and ever? Completely and utterly with all the senses. The sense of taste is one of the most precious senses that we possess. It allows us to taste life in all its diversity. During your holiday we would like you, in addition the the great food, to savour the whole range and variety of the Plantitscherhof's world of flavours.

We are very keen to share our knowledge and our passion with you and we recommend some real connoisseur moments.

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Connoisseur hotel in South Tyrol

At the connoisseur hotel in South Tyrol you can live life to the full and savour every moment. If this sounds like something you could take to, then you are in exactly the right place here with us. At our restaurant, at wine tastings in our wine cellar, at a degustation of rare whiskies and rums at the bar or with a good cigar in the Davidoff Smokers Lounge, we will seduce you with the motto: "One's own taste is the key".